I was working on a tutorial post, and realized that it was extremely tedious to keep copying, pasting, referencing, and updating code. It’s also easy for a code sample to make your markdown very cluttered. There are server-side scripts and services (gist-it comes to mind), but I wanted something that was self-contained, and didn’t rely on a server.

So I created ghembedder, which is a simple way to declaratively embed any file from any public Github repo into a web page for display purposes. It can embed specific lines from a file, and can even show only a specific revision of the file. It has no hard external dependencies, and can even do syntax highlighting if you include google-code-prettify.

It turns this:

<div data-ghuserrepo="kirbysayshi/ghembedder"



In the above example, ghref, ghlines, and ghtabsize are optional. The only required params are ghuserrepo and ghpath. There may be bugs, but it works for now! You can also see a live demo at JSBin.