Congratulations on your purchase of the Portable Spacetime Displacement Unit, revision 01! Granting you prestige and local renown, the PSDU-01 will transport you wherever and whenever you wish (hopefully)!

Operation is as simple as four easy steps:

  • Choose a Flux mode: Temporal or Spatial. Contrary to popular belief, you cannot travel through both time and space concurrently.
  • Pick your destination: by clicking once on the rate slider, you can choose your destination DateTime. Although your PSDU-01 is a high-precision instrument, even it cannot completely predict the rifts and eddies of the Space-Time Continuum. Choose your destination wisely!
  • Start it up: pull the ripcord located in the lower right corner. Be careful about your fuel consumption, as higher rates (in both directions) conserve your ever-precious fuel reserves.
  • Go: press the actuation clicker located at the top of the device. You’ll phase out momentarily.

In addition to the obvious uses as a temporal manipulation device, the PSDU-01 also functions as a pocketwatch. Press the “Cancel” button to make sure you’re looking at the current time, and that the Flux mode is set to Temporal.

Enjoy the constant anticipation of impending doom, and the power you now hold over your peers!